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to the pages of Coropuna, your German specialist for organic grains from the Andes of Peru!

We produce and import quinoa, amaranth, ginger, turmeric powder and canihua for small and large companies in Europe, such as delis, bakeries or local distributors.

Direct and without intermediaries

Our Andean crops are grown in their natural environment after a thousand years old tradition. Carefully hand worked with smooth cultivation methods. We know all our small scale farmers personally, because we are ourselves part of the Coropuna cooperative and run our own little farm. That’s why we can offer you transparency from the seed to the product.

As an exigent company, we benefit from the know-how of South American small scale farmers in cultivating their traditional products. Contribute at the same time to the health of your customers and to a fair trade system.

Together we will find a way to make our world a little bit better.

Our philosophy

Coropuna cooperates with small regional farmers living at the Coropuna Mountain in southern Peru. At 3000 meters of altitude, they practice agriculture on the fertile plains and off major roads. Thousands of years old traditions of cultivation methods on terraces are still passed on here from generation to generation.

By following crop rotations, irrigating with fresh water from the mountain and traditional cultivation methods, our soils stay very fertile.

By supporting this traditional way of farming, we all help to preserve the ancient terrace system, which is so precious to the cultural landscape of Peru.

"Organic" and "Fair" - that means to us:

Active protection of the environment and preservation of the livelihood for our future generations.

We stand for:

• Organic quality                                                  • gluten free & vegan

• fair and direct trade                                        • gentle cultivation methods

• Sustainability for humans, animals and nature

Our products

We offer the following products:

Quinoa (organic)

Variety: (Blanca Salcedo, Red, Junin)


Amaranth / Kiwicha (organic)

Variety: Traditional, seed-proof, GM-free


Canihua (organic) Variety: Traditional, seed-proof, GM-free


Place of cultivation:                Province of Arequipa, Southern Peru

Height of cultivation:              approx. 3000 m in height

Types of cultivation:               Small scale farming, traditional terrace farming

Types of harvest:                     traditional manual harvest

Certification:                           KIWA BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH

Packaging:                               25 kg (paper bag) or according to your specifications

Shipping:                                 Matarani, Arequipa, Peru   

Please contact us for your individual offer!


Organic, vegan, gluten-free, sustainable and fair.

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